Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rumble from San Francisco

What i should be doing right now is firing up the Subaru and beating a trail down south. That's where protests against China's human rights record are coming home to roost -- our one big chance to watch the chaos that is already this year's Olympics play out here on U.S. soil. These big things that happen -- and you know in advance they will happen -- are the things journalists slather to cover. And i would like nothing more than to be in the mix. But i won't. Because of motherly duty and financial fortitude, i will watch it on the five tv's that play in front of my face every workday. When Wednesday comes i will boil inside to be part of it all, but my lowly broadcast scribing will be my only part in the madness. I felt the same way when Katrina hit. While i made pretty graphics to go along with my stories about the hurricane, people around me were mobilizing grassroots style, bringing their own trucks and gas and food to people who needed it. Am i part of the future -- the better future i dream of? I can't say. I'm too busy scribbling these notes.

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