Monday, April 14, 2008

The Nails

I am frightened by how many of my terrible habits this kid picks up. Last night we were lying on the couch in total veg-mode, when i start hearing the click-crunch of her biting her nails. That's my nervous habit -- so what does she have to be nervous about?!

And she is whiny when she needs attention. Another stellar habit i have given her. Last week i carried our dinner out to the couch (jeez we are becoming couch monsters), but she was still in the kitchen when i did it, and insisted she be carried out to the living room. I refused, and she cried for like 15 minutes while i ate my dinner. I was not going to do something for her that she could do with her own two legs, and she was not going to budge about needing me. So instead of getting more face time, she cried and cried like a yowling kitten. I do the same shit. I get all mad at people when they don't pay me attention, so i start acting like a mad lion, instead of asking for help when i need it, and getting it because i asked.

This is an interesting world of give and take, of teach and learn.

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