Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The God in Us

In the Yogic Upanishads, there's a saying that goes "the god that exists within you, is you." It came to me in a particularly flitty book i am reading -- one about love and travel and finding oneself. At first i passed the thought by -- like much of the reading i do; my mind reads the words, but glosses them over... never to be discovered again. But this one came back as i cruised down the highway the other day. I amended the words to "the God in us, is us." It seemed a natural deviation -- changing "you" to "us" -- helping me remember i am part of a village; a great big gathering of sages, bards, and dreamers; bitches, sluts and hoes. Some with positive intent, some not so much, but all equally valid.

The God in us is us. How does this play into being a righteous mama? Lots o ways. It reminds me that being ourselves - and allowing others to be themselves is the best way we can rejoice with our gods. Our gods don't want us to be like them -- or be like the neighbor we envy, with their "perfect" family and shiny hair. They want us to be us -- pure and holy. So when my girl is manically chattering a monologue that goes something like "chooka pooka chooky tooky dooky sucka mucka mommmeeeee!," lunging at me with her high energy and intense ways -- i should just let her be -- instead of asking in my head "why does she have to be this way? Why can't she be like other kids, who listen to their mamas and go to bed on time?"

She's dancing with her god -- her selfness -- and who am i to stop it?

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