Thursday, February 21, 2008

The conscientious objector file: Bananas & War

The picture of me and the girl on the left side of this blog page -- and the caption that goes with it -- need some 'splainin... cuz it's a funny story.

Besides the small and sad attempts at civil disobedience we tried back when we lived in the Black Hills, the day in that picture was her first "real" protest. Hundreds, no, thousands of people shouting in the streets against the Iraqi conflict -- and the threat of another one in Iran... (though for the most part this form of civilized Oregonian demonstration is similar to a charismatic preacher, emoting familiar quotes to the choir).

In close imitation of those around her -- the little one is squeaking out a monologue of "No more more!"... close enough to "no more war" to solidify her place in conscientious objectordom.

She adds a little more to the slogan a couple days later.

My artist friend has drawn a cartoon of a child, and asks the babe to give her a caption.

"So what is this kid saying?" Posie asks.

"No more war," the babe responds.

"Is she saying anything else?" Posie is pushing for something more -- though I am already amazed at my daughter's memory of the protest (which she now calls "the 'test"). Posie's got this subtle way of pulling the creativity out of you -- like something that comes out in the toilet, that you had no idea you ate.

"No more bananas," she says. "No more war, no more bananas." A satisfied smile creeps across Posie's face.

"I guess she doesn't like bananas."

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